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Getting a grip on complexity

Caresphere™ is the global Sysmex brand for digital solutions hosting a growing portfolio of software applications and services. 

Caresphere™ Lab Management Applications is the first suite of applications and is designed to support laboratory teams by centralising information and making it more accessible, interactive and actionable. 

Caresphere™ Lab Management Applications connects instruments, users and Sysmex services to 

  • Simplify your work processes
  • Optimise the usage of your resources
  • Connect you with the expert knowledge of extended Sysmex services

If you knew what you know 

Knowledge, insights and access to information where and when it matters is the key to unlocking the full potential of your lab. 

Caresphere™ Lab Management Applications let you discover the power of integrated information 

  • Operational Analytics: compare performance and resources and identify opportunities for optimisation
  • Technical Troubleshooting: minimise instrument downtime by instant insights, rapid troubleshooting, and proactive actions
  • Quality Control: improve QC management processes to ensure test result confidence

View and analyse with ease – across, anytime, anywhere

  • Real-time information
  • Across laboratory sites
  • Across diagnostic disciplines 

  • Interactive UX Design
  • Customisable widgets
  • Built-in tutorials 

  • Cloud-based mobility
  • Device-free access
  • Secure data and network

Real-time Monitoring

  • Real-time dashboards aggregating information to monitor daily routine work
  • Instant notifications, alerts and messaging keeping you up to date on the status of laboratory operations

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Trend Analysis

  • Periodical dashboard to compare longitudinal information
  • Trend analysis to determine workflow bottlenecks
  • Quality control charts to identify and manage out-of-range measurements
  • QC correlations to identify instruments that require special attention

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Operational Analytics

  • Full transparancy on sample turnaround times and re-run ratios per process step, test type and period
  • Deeper insights on turnaround times and re-run ratios across sites and instruments

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Proactive Maintenance

  • Analyser condition aggregating status information for QC, system availability, service history, etc.
  • Service history providing documentation and reports for scheduled and performed service actions
  • Troubleshooting based on detailed instrument information such as reagent inventory and audit trail
  • Log analysis providing interactive overview and detailed error logs for root-cause analysis

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Further. Together.

Building Caresphere™


New Software version released 

Available across the globe 

Market rollout ongoing in selected European countries

Visit us @ IBMS

Birmingham, United Kingdom 
22 – 25/09/2019 
Join us at our booth no. 215

Euromedlab 2019

Educational Workshop: Sysmex Caresphere™ – the smart way of optimizing your laboratory in the digital age

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