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Getting a grip on complexity

Putting our health care customers in the centre to do the best possible job in patient care is at the heart of the Sysmex corporate philosophy. Doing this within an ecosystem of digital tools and services to take care of the challenges in everyday lab life – this is what Caresphere™ is about.

Caresphere™, a registered trade mark by Sysmex, is our digital ecosystem brand hosting a growing portfolio of software applications and services on one platform.

Caresphere™ is designed to support laboratory teams by reducing the ever increasing complexity of information and making it more accessible, interactive and actionable – anytime, anywhere.

Caresphere™ Digital Solutions lets our customers discover the true power of integrated information across multiple instruments, sites and disciplines by offering advanced capabilities in …

Caresphere™ QC Solutions – Relying simply on all in one

  • Safeguarding the reliability of patient test results is at the heart of every laboratory routine. At the same time, increasing economic and regulatory demands can pose new challenges and levels of complexity.
  • To ensure the consistency and reliability of test results, the quality performance of analysers needs to be constantly monitored – whether it is in one or across many lab locations.
  • Caresphere™ QC Solutions empowers lab teams to efficiently monitor quality control performance of multiple analysers from anywhere in one centralised touchpoint.
  • Combining multi-dimensional monitoring and analytics capabilities within and between analysers, laboratory sites and even lab peer groups allows Caresphere™ QC Solutions to bring new levels of data-driven QC management to your lab.

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