Caresphere QC Solutions

Caresphere™ QC Solutions

Maximising your confidence in analytical performance

Precision, accuracy, and significance of QC decisions relate directly to the amount of data points you take into account. The more measurements and parameters are considered, the higher the robustness of the data comparisons to detect a systematic error.

While individual measurements are done on the instrument itself, the level of quality assurance in the lab relies more than ever on the capabilities of software solutions comparing QC across devices, lab sites, or even geographies.

Caresphere™ QC Solutions is digital synergy

By bringing together QC, as well as service and technical information from multiple analysers, Caresphere™ QC Solutions gives lab teams access to a unique information platform. Previously isolated datasets now become one.

To utilise the full potential of such integrated QC data, Caresphere™ QC Solutions holds a wide spectrum of complementary software applications, coming together as one to open new dimensions in QC management.

Internal QC monitoring

  • Compare your QC measurements within and between analysers across all your lab sites
  • Apply customisable limits according to regulatory and your own criteria
  • Integrate multiple international and local rule-sets
  • Identify trends and shifts indicated for analyser events
  • Reporting to support accreditation requirements according to ISO 15189 and local standards

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Sample moving average

  • Advanced QC monitoring based on the calculated mean of patient results (XbarM)
  • Combine internal QC (IQC) data with patient moving average for direct comparisons
  • Alert limits based on customisable and manufacturer limits
  • Fully commutable and continuous performance control

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Advanced analyser comparison

  • Integrate semi-automated analyser comparison with native patient samples
  • Compare patient sample measurements on several analysers within your lab
  • Easy search and find samples fulfilling user defined criteria
  • Compliant with CLSI EP31 guidelines

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Interlaboratory comparison

  • Reference your IQC results with other labs in near real time
  • Benchmark IQC data within largest peer group in haematology
  • Rely on unsurpassed statistical robustness
  • Receive alerts in case QC outliers require attention
  • Reporting according to ISO 17043

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