Digital Ecosystem

DiGital Ecosystem

Our Caresphere™ portfolio is designed to address the most relevant needs of modern diagnostic laboratories by offering a continuously growing suite of digital applications.

Being based on one information platform Caresphere™ facilitates smart data-driven decisions and services, and support our customers in the digital transformation process.

In the first phase, our emerging digital ecosystem offers software applications for lab routines in

Lab Management, Analyser Management, Quality Management, Workflow Management, Knowledge Management.

Caresphere™ Laboratory Management

  • Caresphere™ LM is our comprehensive software solution for monitoring quality, productivity and efficiency in the clinical laboratory based on real-time and periodical information.​
  • Caresphere™ LM offers lab managers insights and analytics on key parameters such as turnaround times, rerun ratios, and other performance metrics in one integrative and customisable dashboard tool.​
  • Caresphere™ LM is a powerful tool to complement workflow solutions for optimising productivity in laboratories facing workload challenges.​

Caresphere™Analyser Management

  • Caresphere™ AM is our software application of choice for lab operators to manage Sysmex analyser condition, quality control and troubleshooting across multiple sites in one central dashboard – anytime, anywhere.​
  • Caresphere™ AM offers digital services by connecting users to our various technical equipment and Sysmex customer services on one information platform.​
  • Caresphere™ AM is the essential software tool for optimising quality management of laboratory testing and keeping system downtime at a minimum – in a smart way.​

Caresphere™ Externalised Quality Control

  • Caresphere™ XQC is the global web application for all our customers to reference local quality control measurements run on Sysmex analysers against an external QC database.​
  • Caresphere™ XQC offers QC managers and specialists multiple interlaboratory comparisons and benchmarking options to monitor and control daily QC measurements in real time.​
  • Caresphere™ XQC is a powerful big data tool to support quality management of laboratory testing and to keep trueness and accuracy of the analytical process at the optimum.