Digital Solutions

digital Solutions

Real-time monitoring

To stay on top of things

  • Real-time dashboard aggregates information from multiple instruments and locations to monitor daily routine work
  • Customisable widgets and limits for individualised and targeted monitoring
  • Instant notifications, alerts and messaging keep you up to date on the status of laboratory operations
  • Control charts to identify and manage out-of-range values and incidents

Operational analytics

To get to the bottom of it

  • Control charts to explore and understand out-of-range values
  • Periodical dashboard to compare historical information
  • Full process transparency on sample turnaround times and re-run ratios per process step, test type and period
  • Deeper workflow insights on turnaround times and re-run ratios across sites and instruments

Decision support

To simplify your lab life

  • Comparisons to identify and manage outliers that require special attention
  • Benchmarking options to compare performance within and between reference groups
  • Trend analysis to determine workflow bottlenecks
  • Quality control charts to identify and manage out-of-range measurements

Proactive services

To fix things before they occur

  • Views and reports aggregate status information, system availability, service history, etc.
  • Service history provides documentation and reports for scheduled and performed service actions
  • Effective troubleshooting based on detailed instrument information
  • Log analysis provides interactive overview and detailed error logs for root-cause analysis